Amazon EC2 Serv-U Cloud

Amazon EC2 Serv-U Cloud allows organizations to easily and securely share data with their clientele via the web. The only software required to access the shared data is a web browser. Users and groups can be created to give specific clients and groups access to only their own folders. Permissions can be set on a very granular level.

This solution is superior to traditional File Transfer Protocol solutions, which require extensive server and client side configuration, including difficult to follow instructions. This solution requires no expensive on-site hardware and will not saturate your company's Internet connection because it is off-site.  

The solution is built using the top technical components; Amazon's Cloud based EC2, the power of the Linux operating system, Serv-U file transfer software, and is built and maintained by DAG Tech, an industry leader in IT solutions. 


  • Estimated 30-50% cost savings versus building and maintaining a premise solution
  • 50-1000GB storage capacity
  • Web secure (HTTPS) capabilities for optimal security
  • Client software requires web browser only, Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry accessible 
  • Easy to use web admin interface (for creating new users, groups, and organizing data)
  • Brandable with your organization's logo 
  • Publish using your organization's domain (ex 
  • Includes 2 hours per month of maintenance, to maintain system stability, disk space allocation, upgrades
  • Includes 2 hours per month of organization and/or end-client support or training
  • Additional support available separately
  • 50-1000GB/mo outbound data limit, additional transfer available as an overage fee
  • 50GB-1TB/mo inbound data limit, additional transfer available as an overage fee