Copy of Clarity TSS

DAG Tech Technology Support Suite (TSS)

Our Technology Support Suite (TSS) consolidates mission-critical technology management tools into a single, comprehensive solution.


Web and voice-based HelpDesk Services lets employees file tickets and communicate directly with our engineering teams.
Don't be caught without working backups of critical data! BlackJack pro-active maintenance schedules formalizes human verification of backups and other often-forgotten system vitals.
Always-Ready Remote Software gives support technicians permanent access to your servers and workstations to conduct pro-active maintenance and quickly respond to support requests.
Need quick access to your computer while away? End-User Remote Desktop will let you connect to your office computer when you are away without special software or VPNs.
Inventory Reporting produces on-demand inventory report for all connected computers with detailed hardware and software stats.
Emergency Remote Support Tools lets HelpDesk staff gain remote access in situations where faster, more permanent access methods aren't available.