DAG Tech Backup Jungledisk DR

DAG Tech Backup Jungledisk DR is a Disaster Recovery service used to backup Jungledisk data to a separate Amazon EC2 cloud server.

Synchronization software runs nightly to mirror your Jungledisk disks into a secure location, which can be used for emergency restores, or in the event of any damage to your Jungledisk drive or account.

Even with cloud data storage, having a backup cloud is highly advantageous and recommended by IT experts.

DAG Tech Backup Jungledisk DR

  • Dedicated Amazon EC2 Windows 2012 R2 cloud server
  • Encrypted Amazon S3 cloud backup drive
  • Includes Snapshotting
  • High Bandwidth routes to Jungledisk
  • Weekly status report
  • Unlimited restores
  • Unlimited retention policies available


$150/per month cloud server hosting fee

$200/per 500 GB encrypted storage

$10/per JungleDisk disk backup