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DAG Tech MX Backup

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E-mail is a vital method of communication. In the event of an e-mail system failure, valuable e-mails will be inaccessible, bounced back to the sender, or permanently lost. This scenario interrupts normal business operation and happens for a variety of reasons; hardware failure, server crash, malicious attack, loss of Internet connectivity, loss of power, natural disaster, or site disaster.

With DAG MX Backup, never lose access to e-mail again.

When your email server goes off-line, our service will begin collecting (mail bagging) your e-mails instantaneously, for up to 14 days. You will easily be able to view the entire mail queue by logging onto our website. Individual users can login and view their queued messages, reply to messages, compose new messages, and forward messages to other accounts. Once your e-mail server is back online, DAG MX Backup will automatically deliver all queued messages to your organization. MX Backup can be setup in less than a day and will not effect your network operations at all.

DAG MX Backup network specs:

  • Runs on redundant server architecture hosted at a secure Tier-1 data center
  • Internet connectivity provided by multiple OC-48 lines
  • Backup Internet connections provided by OC-12 lines powered by equipment from leading manufacturers such as Cisco, Juniper Networks, Dell, HP, and Intel
  • Uninterruptable power backed up by a diesel generator Incipient Fire Detection system with dry fire suppression