In-Powered IT ESLA b125

DAG Tech is an IT firm which specializes in providing technology services.

Our approach involves applying superior business intelligence to complement our expertise in IT solutions.

For modern business, it has become more effective to outsource IT needs. Outsourced IT provides organizations with the depth of a team of experts, access to channels, knowledge bases, and systems.

However, outsourced IT leaves much to be desired.

DAG Tech’s In-Powered IT ® surpasses traditional outsourced IT services. We understand your business, are aligned with your mission, and function as an internal division, capable of supercharging your strategy.


  • Simplify and streamline IT support
  • Fixed costs through support agreements
  • Guaranteed level of service
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Dedicated managers
  • Pro-active support

DAG Tech has built industry-leading systems to accomplish best in class IT SLAs

  • On-Site Support: Professional engineers are always available to come on-site.
  • Remote Support: DAG Tech’s helpdesk utilizes top-notch remote connectivity software. This allows our technicians to remotely work on systems immediately and efficiently.
  • Presence: DAG Tech has physical office locations in prime locations.
  • Team: DAG Tech’s team of engineers, manager, and back-office is top-notch.
  • Helpdesk Services: Our helpdesk is highly accessible to end-users. Be it an action item or a source for technical advice, users and technicians can interface directly through this system.
  • DAG Tech’s helpdesk web portal, lets the end-user know their ticket has been received, prioritized and assigned to a specific technician.
  • All enabled users can file tickets, view their status, and communicate directly with the technician assigned to their specific need.
  • In parallel to the helpdesk web portal, we offer a voice helpdesk. The voice helpdesk allows end-users to discuss and file issues via phone. These issues will then be filed into the web helpdesk for assignment and tracking.
  • Wiki System: DAG Tech’s allows our engineers to share client resolution information between us. This allows us to expedite work, decrease costs, and streamline resolutions.
  • Procurement Services: DAG Tech offers one-stop IT ordering and fulfillment.
  • Estore: Our industry leading is unmatched in product quality and ease of ordering.
  • Client Portals: All relevant contact and IT services information is available and consolidated via a custom designed web based client portal.

In-Powered IT ® provides a full suite of specialized IT roles, which work together to create a comprehensive IT strategy for your business.

These roles allow your business to build a custom tailored IT plan.