IT Security CxO

IT Security CxO

DAG Tech

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    DAG Tech CxO - IT Security Program

    DAG Tech CxO is a structured, cost-effective program for accomplishing C-level technology initiative.

    More than ever, technology leadership and expertise are necessary for every organization’s success, growth, security, and compliance.

    Like enterprises, all organizations require focused technology roles in order to fully leverage technology, secure communications and valuable data, and adhere to standards.

    With DAG Tech’s CxO services, an experienced resource can be available to you virtually for a fraction of the cost.


    • Fractional cost
    • Fractional time requirements
    • Structured methodology
    • High quality deliverables
    • Easy to understand and action on
    • Great results and value


    • IT Security Requirements Analysis (CXO-ITSEC-R)
    • IT Security Assessment (CXO-ITSEC-A)
    • IT Security Foundation Plan (CXO-ITSEC-SFP)
    • IT Security Transformation Plan (CXO-ITSEC-STP)
    • IT Security Training Program (CXO-ITSEC-TP)

    Also known as Virtual CSO (vCSO), Virtual CISO (vCISO), Fractional CSO, Fractional CISO

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