LogMeIn Central Premium

LogMeIn Central Premier

Take control and automate critical IT tasks

Includes all of Central Plus and adds automated task management, Windows updates, advanced alerts and monitoring, reporting, and Anti-Virus Management. Also includes Premium Customer Support.

Compare to LogMeIn starting price of $1299/year

Stay in control with powerful remote access

If you need to access and manage multiple computers and want to ensure that your connections are secure, you need LogMeIn Central. Simply connect to and manage computers through any internet connection—where, when and how you want.

Anywhere Access

For over 10 years, LogMeIn has provided a fast, easy remote access experience to keep you in control from anywhere, on any device.

Business Productivity

LogMeIn's state-of-the-art remote productivity capabilities empower remote workers and allow IT to perform tasks without interrupting end-users.

Automated Management

LogMeIn delivers a simple way to automate, monitor and manage all of your business critical IT tasks to stay in control and take action when necessary.