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DAG Tech announces clarity SLA with TSS IT Support 


As technology has evolved and become deeply integrated into all business processes, a more intelligent IT Support format has become essential.

A time-based IT Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) must not only include professional engineering support, but asset management, security, compliance and other enhanced services. This maximizes the potential of your technology and solutions.

Our Clarity SLA retains and improves our engineering formats and now includes an excellent suite of products, DAG Tech’s Technology Support Suite (TSS).

claritysla structure engineering builds upon support and leadership 

 The benefits of DAG Tech’s Clarity SLA with TSS:

  • Streamline your technology management, efficiency, and support
  • Reduce response required problems and increase compliance using DAG Tech’s BlackJack pro-active maintenance system
  • Receive immediate answers with our super intelligent Helpdesk services including AI resolutions
  • Upgraded technology support applications including professional version remote tools for faster responses, inventory reporting, and batch hot fixes
  • Real-time monitoring and alerting of Internet circuits, voice circuits, and essential services

technology support suite features include remote support and helpdesk

To Build a Clarity SLA:

  1. Allocate monthly hours to specific IT Roles, enter the numbers on the checkout page

  2. Add Technology Support Suite components


claritysla engineering includes it support network cloud security engineering 

claritysla support features it asset and vendor management technical writing

claritysla leadership built on virtual outsourced cto cio