After-market Resale Services

DAG Tech's after-market resale services enable our clients to receive fair values for unneeded, obsolete, or undeployed technology items.

DAG Tech expertly handles all aspects of this process from beginning to end, including:

  • estimating item values
  • removal and transportation of items to our facilities
  • testing of items
  • necessary refurbishing, repairs, and cleaning
  • reformatting and factory resetting
  • research of items and specifications
  • clear listing of products, including quality photographs and descriptions
  • responding to potential buyer requests and questions
  • sale through our channels
  • payment collection
  • packaging and shipping

Our after-market reseller channels include online auction, eStore sale, and resale to our client-base.

Fee format:

  • DAG Tech collects payment and receives a 30% seller fee.
  • Client receives 70% of selling price, minus fees for shipping packaging, payment processing, and any necessary labor and materials to get products into salable condition. Client payment will be issued within 15 days of after-market sale.

Email or call 1-888-566-8118 with any questions or items.