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Powered by an intelligent global network, Cloudflare's connectivity cloud is a unified platform that helps your business work, deliver, and innovate everywhere.

What is Cloudflare Used For?

Secure, optimize and accelerate websites and applications

Make applications and websites fast, available, scalable and safe with the global threat protection network. Stay online regardless of traffic spikes, attacks, or outages. Get performance and security from Cloudflare's industry leading network for a better user experience.

Secure your workforce from anywhere and everywhere

At home or in the office, your workforce requires secure access to internal tools and applications. Cloudflare Zero Trust enables seamless, identity and software-defined security. Secure your remote teams, devices, and data. All without sacrificing performance or usability.

All-in-one solution for network security & scalability

Networking solutions to help connect, secure, and accelerate networks. Without the cost or complexity of legacy network hardware. Upgrade to a single global network with built-in, software-defined Zero Trust services, DDoS mitigation, firewalls, and traffic acceleration.

Store data and improve developer timelines

Cloudflare's developer platform improves productivity and skips time-wasting deployment steps when your developers get a straight path from code to deployment. With compute and storage services to deliver serverless applications to deploy your full-stack applications.

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Utilizing DAG Tech as your cloud services VAR allows us to integrate the technology into your other solutions, provide correct configurations based on our understanding of your business, and to simplify your billing and reduce overhead, as a one-stop-shop.

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