Exclaimer Email Signature Management Solution

Exclaimer Enters New Era of Audience Connection With Refreshed Brand  Identity | Business Wire

Email Signature Management is the art of ensuring that your email signatures are not just standard, but also dynamic, centralized, and on-brand. With our solution, you can effortlessly create, standardize, and manage email signatures across your organization, ensuring that every email sent is a branding opportunity.


  • - Take control and ignite the potential of every employee’s email signature.
  • - Boost campaigns and drive conversions using banners, icons, and more.
  • - Exclaimer works by effortlessly integrating with your email environment, supporting Office 365, Google Workspace, and Exchange.
  • - Make sure contact information is always up-to-date, with easy and automatic syncing from your directory.
  • - Keep every email on-brand and on-point with the right legal disclaimers and compliance messaging.
  • - Track every click to see your success in real-time.

DAG Tech has vast experience with signature management solutions and selected Exclaimer as our signature management solution partner of choice due to its wealth of modern features, the stability of the service, and the availability of quality support.

Utilizing DAG Tech as your signature management VAR allows us to integrate the technology into your other solutions, provide correct configurations based on our understanding of your business, and to simplify your billing and reduce overhead, as a one-stop-shop.


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