12. IT Assessment - Network Design

12. IT Assessment - Network Design

DAG Tech

  • 22000

IT Assessment of Perimeter, LAN, and Wireless design, per hour

This component of the assessment will answer the following questions:

  • What protection does my network firewall offer the organization and its users?
  • Is my network reasonably secure from outside threats?
  • Does our network security adhere to the compliance goals of my organization?
  • Do my employees have access to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that allows them to securely access internal resources, remotely?
  • Is my perimeter firewall or router's software up to date and safe from the newest exploits?
  • Does the firewall include advanced Intrusion Protection, AntiVirus, or Data Loss Prevention features to keep the organization's proprietary information safe?
  • Is my network slower because the firewall or router is under-performing?

Assessment categories:

  • Firewall and/or router operating system review
  • Basic compliance
  • Denial of Service assessment


  • Expiration 180 days from purchase
  • To occur during standard business hours