18. IT Assessment - Wireless systems

18. IT Assessment - Wireless systems

DAG Tech

  • 18000

IT Assessment of Wireless systems, per hour

This component of the assessment will answer the following questions:

  • What functions does my wireless network provide?
  • Is my wireless network being heavily utilized for personal use?
  • Does the wireless network in place provide fast, uninhibited access to internal and Internet-based resources?
  • Does the wireless network allow guests to connect easily while preventing them from accessing organizational data?
  • Can the wireless network be managed remotely, allowing administrators to quickly block malicious devices?
  • Is the wireless network capable of intelligently re-configuring itself on the fly to handle highly congested areas of the office?
  • Is the wireless network designed in such a way to handle failure of access points while still providing adequate wireless coverage?

Assessment categories:

  • Access Point deployment
  • Security features
  • Guest/hotspot features
  • Network management
  • Terms:

    • Expiration 180 days from purchase
    • To occur during standard business hours