5. IT Assessment - Email and Messaging

5. IT Assessment - Email and Messaging

DAG Tech

  • 16000

IT Assessment of Email and Messaging systems, per hour

This component of the assessment will answer the following questions:

  • What type of Email system is serving my organization?
  • Does my Email platform help prevent viruses and malware from entering my network and infecting users' workstations?
  • Does my Email platform ensure that clients receive my Emails reliably?
  • Do the employees have access to robust calendaring and contact sharing features, enhancing collaboration among the workforce?
  • Does my mail server offer server-side archiving for automated long-term retention of Email?
  • Does my mail solution offer legal hold archiving, ensuring that my organization meets its compliance requirements?
  • Is my Email solution continuously reliable, especially in the face of disaster scenarios?
  • Assessment categories:

    • Mail server solution
    • Spam reduction strategies
    • Virus and malware protection strategies
    • Archiving and compliance
    • Continuity of services


    • Expiration 180 days from purchase
    • To occur during standard business hours