A+ Animal

DAG Tech’s A+ Animal is an extensive IT Services plan. 


  • Comprehensive IT solution. Unlimited IT support. Integrated IT security suite.
  • Priced per user. Flat. No additional fees.
  • Monthly and Contract pricing options.
  • C-level technology guidance - monthly State of the Technology report.
  • Expert technical team.

    Onboarding process:

    1. Press signup and checkout.
    2. You will immediately receive an email with a link to schedule your onboarding call, and helpdesk contact info to immediately file any technology issues.
    3. All included services will be deployed within 30 days of sign-up. 


    Included Services:

    Managed IT Services

    End-to-end technology management.
    computers, mobile, cloud, data, and networks


  • Around-the-clock technology monitoring
  • Reliability and high-availability assurance
  • Pro-active vendor-recommended maintenance
  • Continual software updates and configuration improvements
  • Documentation of technology solutions
  • DAG Tech Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring and response

  • Managed IT Security

    Iron-clad, comprehensive technology security.
    computers, mobile, cloud, data, and networks


  • Around-the-clock security monitoring
  • In-office, remote, and work-from-anywhere security
  • User, end-point, wireless and network, cloud, and data security
  • Public Internet resources security
  • Continuous security assessment and hardening
  • Security policy development

  • 24/7/365 IT Support

    Tech support any day and any time.
    includes unlimited fast-response support and helpdesk


  • Services Automation systems for instant resolutions
  • Always-there IT Helpdesk
  • Dedicated, assigned support team
  • Well-trained, friendly and highly professional agents

  • Procurement & Provisioning

    Amazing technology, from top vendors, at competitive prices.
    new employee deployments accurately and on-time


  • Accurate and timely employee onboarding and offboarding
  • Provisioning of technology hardware, software, and licensing
  • Life-cycle Management and standardization of all technology
  • Fleet Management of end-user computing devices
  • Industry-wide Procurement Desk
  • Access to top technology vendors and preferred pricing
  • Custom instant ordering

  • Technology Guidance & Success

    Architected by DAG Tech’s world-class CxO team.
    we guide technology to turbo-charge and secure your business


  • DAG Tech CxO advisory (fractional CTO, CISO, CICO, CIO)
  • Easy to read, yet comprehensive, monthly “State of the Technology” report
  • Actionable assessments, accurate grading, and clear guidance
  • In-depth security analysis
  • Project and Improvement roadmap
  • Technology Success Program for ongoing quality assurance
  • Dedicated Technology Success advisor

  • IT Software Suite

    Winning IT strategies require powerful IT software.
    A+ Animal includes everything necessary.

     Included with A+ Animal

    For Provided By
    Professional Services Automation (PSA) Support desk Datto Autotask
    Pro-active and automated technology maintenance
    All technology DAG Tech Blackjack
    User onboarding & offboarding
    Employee changes DAG Tech Setsail
    Anti-virus/malware/phishing, End-point Detection & Response (EDR) All computers SentinelOne Complete
    Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) All technology Datto RMM
    Vulnerability Scanner All resources CyberCNS
    Backup software and storage Local user data CloudBerry Backup
    Technology Asset Management (TAM) and inventorying All technology
    Spam, malware, phishing, and threat prevention
    E-mail Avanan
    DMARC E-mail validation E-mail DMARCLY
    Website change detection (defacing, hacked)
    All websites
    Managed Domain Name Services (DNS) hosting All domains Cloudflare
    Cloud services monitoring All services PRTG
    Internet circuit monitoring
    All circuits PRTG
    Network monitoring All network devices


    Legal Language: DAG Tech A+ Animal Service Level Agreement (SLA)