Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that enables your business to make your websites accessible via the internet. It involves storing website files, data, and content on specialized computers called servers. These servers are connected to high-speed networks, allowing people worldwide to access the hosted websites 24/7.

Here are the primary functions and aspects of web hosting:

  1. Server Storage: Web hosting provides server space where website files, including HTML, CSS, images, videos, and other resources, are stored. This storage space ensures that website content is available and accessible to visitors whenever they access your site.

  2. Website Accessibility: Hosting services allocate a specific amount of server resources to ensure that websites are accessible online. When someone enters a website's domain name (e.g., into a web browser, the browser connects to the server hosting that website and retrieves the requested content, displaying it for the user.

  3. Uptime and Reliability: Web hosting ensures that websites are available and operational most of the time. Hosting providers often guarantee a certain level of uptime (the amount of time a website is accessible) to minimize downtime and maintain site availability.

  4. Security and Backups: Web hosting offers various security measures to protect websites from cyber threats like malware, hacking attempts, and DDoS attacks. 

  5. Support and Technical Assistance: DAG Tech offers customer support and technical assistance to address issues related to server configurations, website setup, troubleshooting, and other hosting-related concerns.

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