DAG Tech Diamond Mountain

Augment Existing On-Site Backups to include Cloud Archive

Adhere to industry best practices for data backups by augmenting your backup solution with automatic cloud replication. As an alternative to relying on magnetic tapes and manual off-site collection, Diamond Mountain offers automated off-site archival of backup sets which provides secure long-term retention on highly redundant, geographically separated storage platforms.

Industry standards dictate that backup of critical data follow the 3-2-1 rule where there exists 3 copies of the data on 2 different types of media and 1 off-site copy. On-site-only backup solutions satisfy at most one of these recommendations, leaving the data vulnerable to unforeseen risks.

The features of Diamond Mountain off-site archives include:

  • Variable retention, option for long-term archive (5+ years)
  • Replaces tape or removable HDD solutions
  • Server or client-side encryption capable
  • Anytime, anywhere access to data sets
  • Compatible with most business-grade on-site NAS and backup solutions