DAG Tech MySecureBackUp Cloud Storage

There are three great ways of using My Secure Backup.  Please note that all options may not be available in your version of the product based on the version you have installed:

  • Network Drive

    My Secure Backup allows you to access your online storage as network drive to allow you to drag & drop, edit files directly to the drive, and copy files back to your machine just as easily.
  • Automatic Backup

    The Automatic Backup feature allows you to keep files and folders on your local machine backed up automatically. With a Backup Vault, your automatic backups are stored in a separate, secure area of your Online Disk, distinct from the Network Drive and offers efficiency and performance features such as compression and de-duplication.
  • Sync

    With Sync, you can keep a local folder synchronized with a folder on your network drive, allowing you to work out of your local directories and have everything instantly stored in the cloud. If you go offline, you can keep working and have your changes sync back up when you come online. You can sync the same folder on multiple PCs, allowing you to seamlessly share files with all your PCs through the cloud.