DAG Tech X-Phish

DAG Tech X-Phish is an enterprise class Phishing Simulation Service, designed to proactively assess and enhance your organization's resilience against phishing attacks.

Phishing remains one of the most common and potent cyber threats, often exploiting human vulnerabilities within the organization. Our comprehensive service combines simulated phishing campaigns to empower your employees to recognize and thwart phishing attempts effectively.

Key Features:

Customized Simulations

We tailor phishing simulations to mimic real-world attack scenarios that your organization might face. Simulations are designed to assess employees' susceptibility to various phishing tactics, such as spear phishing, credential harvesting, and malicious attachments.

Realistic Scenarios

Our simulations closely replicate the techniques employed by actual cybercriminals, giving your employees a firsthand experience of the tactics, techniques, and procedures used in phishing attacks. 

Varied Attack Types

Our service covers a range of phishing attack types, including e-mail with industry-specific templates, landing pages, and simulated attachments. This comprehensive approach ensures that employees are prepared to defend against a wide array of potential threats.

Awareness Training

The training is tailored based on campaign outcomes and concentrates on identifying phishing red flags, understanding different attack methods, and learning about social engineering.

Phishing Metrics and Reporting

We provide detailed metrics and reports that analyze employee response rates, susceptibility levels, and engagement with the simulations. This data allows you to track progress over time, identify department-wide vulnerabilities, and training engagement statistics.

Monthly Deliverables:

  • 1 x E-mail Phishing Simulation per user
  • 1 x Phishing Awareness Training Session per user
  • 1 x Company Phishing Report


Pricing Table: