EHR Specialist

EHR Specialist

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DAG Tech's In-Powered IT provides flexible and on-demand technology services. 

The In-Powered IT EHR Specialist (Electronic Health Record) specializes in:

  • EHR System Architecture and Digital Transformation, Scalability

  • EHR Template and Workflow Design

  • EHR Security and Access Control

  • EHR Training

  • EHR Compliance Adherence

      Basic Terms: 

      • Expiration 1-year from purchase
      • Work performed on-site or remotely
      • Remote minimum time 15-minutes
      • On-site minimum 4-hours in service areas
      • On-site work will include travel charges and reimbursements
      • Time recorded in 15-minute increments
      • To be performed during business hours

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      2. DAG Tech’s In-Powered IT On-Demand Agreement