Diamond IT

DAG Tech's Diamond IT

  • Flat Rate per user pricing. Flatten and predict your IT budget.
  • Provides On-Site and Remote support
  • Includes DAG Tech's Technology Support & Security Suite

Unlimited 24/7/365 IT support to manage complex and evolving technology.

Technology allows your business to communicate, to streamline processes, to reduce overhead, and to grow.

For modern business, it has become more effective to outsource IT needs. Outsourced IT provides organizations with the depth of a team of experts, access to channels, knowledge bases, and systems.

However, outsourced IT leaves much to be desired.

DAG Tech’s Diamond IT© surpasses traditional outsourced IT services. We understand your business, are aligned with your mission, and function as an internal division, capable of supercharging your strategy.


  • Simplify and streamline IT support
  • Unlimited and flat cost 24/7/365 support
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Dedicated team
  • Pro-active support

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