DAG Tech SyncedTool

Back up your organization's devices to the cloud

SyncedTool can be used in three different ways:

    1. Live data storage for you and your organization. SyncedTool is like having a file server on your network but with the anytime access and assuredness of the cloud.

    2. Cloud backup for your on-site file server. Make sure the files on your server are safe by backing up to the cloud.
    3. Individual user backup in the cloud. If your organization has laptops in the field or you need to reliably back up the data on your devices, SyncedTool has you covered.

        The SyncedTool app can run on virtually any modern device, including Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iPhone/iPad iOS and Windows Mobile. For live data storage users, an Outlook plugin is available to seamlessly send files to others from your cloud drive.

        User Pricing*

        $8.00 per user

        $80.00 per server, NAS or SAN to be backed up 

        Storage Pricing**

        $24.00 per 250GB

        $36.00 per 500GB

        $64.00 per 1TB

        * A minimum of one user is required; One license per user who is registered in the system is required
        ** At least one backup storage pool is required