DAG Tech - Technology Support & Security Suite (TS3)





DAG Tech's Technology Support & Security Suite (TS3) simplifies and consolidates the software required to manage your technology solutions, into a single end-to-end solution.


    TS3 Support - tools for pro-active maintenance, helpdesk support, and client success

    Helpdesk systems - web, email, and voice

    Helpdesk systems - automated resolutions (coming soon)

    DAG Tech SetSail - user onboarding tool with HR integration

    DAG Tech BlackJack - pro-active technology maintenance

    Remote support software for PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android

    Desktop connectivity software for your users
    Workstation patch management
    Monthly IT Support reports
    DAG Tech Texas - client success calls and systems


    TS3 Security - for monitoring, alerting, and anti-malware

    Server monitoring & pro-active alerting

    Internet circuit monitoring & pro-active alerting

    Network monitoring & pro-active alerting

    Cloud services monitoring & pro-active alerting

    Bit-Defender anti-malware software for workstations


    TS3 Asset Management - for asset management and tagging

    Technology asset management online software

    Physical asset tagging (QR code stickers)

    TS3 Mobility - for mobile device management

    Meraki System Manager OR

    Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security OR

    Google Chrome Enteprise

    TS3 Custom Deploy - for standardized imaging of workstations

     System imaging platform

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